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The wedding is a one-time ceremony where two hearts meet each other and get united in special day by exchanging their rings by means of their hearts and souls.


There are many ceremonies in a wedding occasion namely wedding fashion, before the wedding, the services for wedding, health and beauty, honeymoon, the wedding ceremony, after the wedding, wedding reception, and a lot more tasks take place.


Do you want your wedding dreams come true? Then make us assist you in capturing the beautiful moments of your wedding ceremony with whom you are about to begin a new life from that onwards.

Take a Snap with Your Partner

In order to bring all those beautiful moments once again into your life can be done only by taking snaps of those wedding sequences. Among many events photography plays the major role which capture in-depth moments like, joyful events, lightning textures, decorations, dress of grooms, smiling moments of them, families, and friends, welcoming the guests, flower girls entry, bride girl’s entry, exchanging the rings, cutting the cakes, delivering the cuisines to the guests, and lot more.

After years back, these fun-filled photographs bring you the memories and the beautiful desired life which you have gone through in years. The main artists of the wedding are the couples who are about to exchange the rings, families, and friends who made the day look like the most meaningful and decorative. Every country follows different culture and tradition that brings unique memorable moments for those non-traditional guests. Even photographs capture those important moments and file it up in an album or in a video with beautiful background and sound effects along with background music that lines while crossing the captured moments.

Unique Theme for The Foremost Wedding

One of the most common questions that the wedding planners ask their client is how unique their wedding must take place from all of the rest especially while their close friends are about to tie the knot on the same month or year. Get ready to choose the best and unique theme for different seasons and anywhere around the world.

The first comes is the vintage theme which is a Mindy Weiss Event, inspired by the rolling verdant hills. In this theme the brides wear matching bolero and sheer sleeves along with that a muted color palette with ivory, slate grey, rose, and gold looks pretty and gorgeous to them.

Wood chairs and tables that look more unique which brings the wood mixed with flowers fragrance bring freshness to the guests. Also, a French baguette at each place setting for guests along with that vintage bottle is wrapped with white craft papers folded with flowers.

The rustic chic wedding is one of the most popular wedding themes that look like getting married in a different world. The different feature includes a natural landscape incorporated with woods and pieces in multiple ways that seem to be taking place in a forest.


The brides are accompanied by a four-legged friend and his neck is wrapped with the garland. The invitation looks like a paper fan which each and every event take place in a circle slide show. The guests are delivered cuisines in an open place where the place looks fresh and cool to make the guests feel pleasant.

Best wedding theme for photo session

The best and foremost theme to capture the photographs of the bride in a natural landscape is the seaside wedding theme. This is one of the dreams of girls to get married with the ocean breeze flowing through your hair and the sand in between the toes. The brides can take a peaceful and coastal approach with crisp whites, greens, and blues, and lot more vibrant colors contrast to the sea which will be the perfect match to capture. The decorations, flowers, chairs, everything looks white as it is the perfect match for a bluish ocean. All types of seafood dishes and juices are prepared for the guests to have their best wedding cuisine ever in their life. This place looks majestic during night time as the lightning effects and moonlights matches to produce a vibrant color all over the place.

Apart from these wedding theme collections, there are different ways to invite the guests by selecting a unique wedding card that must hold all the details of your wedding occasion and ceremonies to be taken place with time, date and the venue. All the wedding themes cost less based on the place you choose and the number of guests who are yet to attend this special event. These are some basic and important way to make your special day an extraordinary day. Apart from these ceremonies, some may prefer the live music concert to cheer up the guests as well as the friends and families.

Couples used to dance with background melody music where they remain idle by watching the eyes and holding the hands with the light moment. Photographers used to capture and make it as a video with sound, lighting, and graphical effects. This how a wedding ceremony takes place. A perfect wedding occurs only when perfect hearts meet. This perfect match stays stronger even after getting old. Find the right person in your life and have an everlasting relationship with them.


This is the best wedding photography studio I have ever come across, I work and efforts they took in our wedding made to write this. The way they took care to capture the moments in our wedding was very awesome and also the efforts they put to edit each of it made us wonderstruck altogether at an affordable price and package.

Mike Jones

Maria Hernandez

I am so glad that each and every moment of our wedding was captured by Sandman Studio; they were mainly focusing on ‘Candid Photography’ as we the wedding couple were captured in various angles and also the guests. When I look at the album, it gives me a soothing feeling and somewhere they made me think about the way they captured.

I believe in fortunate and that has made land at Sandman Studios for our pre-wedding photo shoot, this was one of the happiest moments of I and better half had, as we were given clear and kind instructions to pose during the photo shoot. And they were politely asking us to go for a retake if the photo didn’t come in the way it was expected.

David Smith

Maria Garcia

For our post-wedding shoot, we had approached Sandman Studio as the previous book studio couldn’t arrive and even in the tight schedule they made a way for us and agreed to show up and has done an awesome job. They took care of almost everything like the light effects and weather monitoring, we were astonished by the works they did.

Sandman Studio is using their fullest of the talents and this is where came to know about their works and it made us realized that the money we spent on this was totally worth it. They don’t ask us to give the proper poses during the occasion rather they set many photographers in different angles to get a right candid capture; also they have used drones in our wedding that was cool.

James Wilson